Local Recycling Directory – Colchester Essex

After you have reduced, reused and repaired any items you buy the next option is to recycle what you have left. The first thing to do is to check out what recycling facilities are available through your Local Authority.
The next step is to see if any items not recycled through your local authority can be recycled somewhere else.

In Colchester and North East Essex the following local collection points can help you recycle even more. In some cases it will also help the local groups raise money.

See something missing let us know at info@en-form.org.uk.

Battery Recycling

Batteries don’t take up much space in landfill but are made up from hazardous materials and are a pollutant. Please recycle them through the numerous shop and supermarket recycling boxes. Basically if a shop sells batteries it normally has a recycling box.

*Biscuit Wrappers

  • All Brands of non savoury biscuit wrapper
  • All Brands of cracker wrapper
  • All Brands of cake wrapper

Collected by: en-form

Biscuit wrapper recycling info page: terracycle.co.uk

Bra Recycling

Collected by: Essex Wildlife Trust at the Visitor Centres info on bra recycling here: essexwt.org.uk

Cork Recycling

For Recorked see: recorkeduk.org Collected by: en-form

Cosmetic Empties Recycling

Cosmetic empties are any container or item of cosmetics packaging, any brand
Collected by:
Origins counters in Debenhams

Crisp Packet Recycling*

  • Any brand of Crisp (no other snacks) packet
  • Any brand of Crisp (no other snacks) multipack wrapper
Collected by: en-form
Crisp packed recycling info page: terracycle.co.uk
*Pringle Tubes Only (no other brands) More info on Pringle tube recycling here: terracycle.co.uk 
Pringle tubes including plastic lid and seal
Collected by: en-form

Currency and Stamps 

Collected by:

Essex Wildlife Trust can process old or foreign coins and notes. They can be donated at visitor centres.  More info here: essexwt.org.uk 

Mobile Phone Recycling

 Unwanted mobile phones can be sold through Sell My Mobile who appear to search all the other mobile phone and comparison sites to give you the best deal. Mobile phones have quite a lot of expensive raw materials that are pollutants so please don’t dump them even if they are not worth anything.

Spectacle Recycling 

Many opticians collect unwanted spectacles which are then refurbished and sent to developing countries.

Toothbrushes and Oral Cleaning Recycling*

  • Any brand of toothbrush
  • Any brand of electric and battery toothbrush heads
  • Any brand of toothpaste tube and caps
  • Any brand of toothbrush outer packaging (if this cannot be recycled through your normal kerbside collection)

Collected by: en-form and Home Farm Primary School. More info on recycling toothbrushes etc here: terracycle.co.uk

*Water Filter Recycling

The Following Brand and items only:
  • Aqua Optima Universal Water Filters
  • Aqua Optima Evolve 30 and 60 Day Water Filters
  • Aqua OptimaOriginal 30 and 60 Day Water Filters
Collected by: en-form
Water filter recycling info page here: terracycle.co.uk

Wool Recycling

For local Community Projects
Collected by: en-form

Writing Instrument Recycling

The following items are collected:
  • Any brand of pen
  • Any brand of highlighter
  • Any brand of correction fluid pot
  • Any brand of marker
Collected by: Brinkley Grove Primary School
More info on this type of recycling here: Terracycle.co.uk

*the above items are part of the terracycle Scheme:  terracycle.co.uk

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