This section is about all things relating to wildlife, conservation and biodiversity.

Wildlife has taken a bit of a hit in the past few hundred years and unfortunately the pressures on our natural world are increasing with every passing day.

Here you will find a combination of tips and information that can help everyone become wildlife friendly.

No matter where you live we can all learn to appreciate wildlife and become wildlife friendly.

Don’t forget to follow the Natural World/biodiversity hiearchy:

Reduce impact – We are lucky to share our planet with millions of other species. All of them have evolved to perform a specific job in helping the earth run smoothly and in balance. It is always easier to work with nature rather than against it.

Retain (Save) – Basically leave our wild areas and habitat alone and as free from human interference as possible. Better still if we can protect habitat through National Parks and similar designations.

Rewild – Nature does a pretty good job of running itself without interference from humans. Both animals and plants make the best choices of where they want to live. Let nature reclaim areas.

Restore / Repair – In some areas that have been degraded by human activity habitat may have to be restored. A good example of this is the  breaching of sea walls to restore the natural salt marsh.

Reintroduce /Replant – Whilst it is easier and far less expensive to save plants, animals and habitat, human activity may have had such an impact that the only way to restore them is by reintroduction.