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One Health One Planet

‘One health’ is a concept that explains how we are all connected as ‘one’; the health of our planet directly effects the health of the plants, which directly affects the health of the animals, which in turn directly effects the health of us. Therefore it’s fair to say, if we don’t care about our planet, then we ultimately don’t care …

Children’s ‘environmentally friendly’ birthday parties

Children's eco party

This guide has been put together for anyone wanting to throw an eco-friendly party for a child (or even an adult). It can seem like a lot of pressure and expectation to put on the ‘perfect’ party for our kids and their friends, but who says it has to impact on our planet (or our wallets!)? And why have we …

Colchester E-Cargo Bike Project

The Colchester E-Cargo Project was set up as a Community project with the support of en-form in February 2021.

They deliver and collect from the following shops and businesses in Colchester, and across the following postcodes

CO1, CO2, CO3, CO4, CO5, CO6, CO7

Delivery and collection charges start from just £3.

en-form is also raising funds to provide a free …

The Benefits of Organic Food

Written by Joe Thomas*

Surprisingly, considering information is widely available, a lot of the population is still confused about organic food and its benefits. Organic food, be it plant or animal based, is anything that conforms to organic farming standards. These vary worldwide of course, but in the United Kingdom they are set by organisations such as the Soil

Organic Farming 

Organic agriculture is a safe, sustainable farming system, producing healthy crops and livestock without damage to the environment. It avoids the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides on the land and the use of genetically modified organisms is prohibited. It relies instead on developing a healthy fertile soil and growing a mixture of crops. In this way the farm …

A Brief Guide To “Going Green”

Check out these 18 easy to understand ways that you could make your life that bit greener – by Geoff.

  1. Encourage/support local “green” activities, clubs, societies, trades, buy food from local growers.
  2. Be informed about energy use,  eg can you read your meters and understand your bill?
    Know how much energy each appliance uses and costs, Turn off

Why Eat Organic Local Food?

By Darren Lerigo*

In a study by The British Journal of Nutrition in October 2015, it was concluded that organic food is better for you than food grown with synthetic fertilisers and sprayed with toxins. Although common-sense could have told us that, it is fantastic to discover the nutritional benefits of eating organic food include your body receiving a higher …

Organic Box Schemes

Locally produced organic food delivered to your door? Yes please! Organic box schemes are great for the environment and for your health. (Find out why here). If you live in Essex here are some ones that may be local to you…

Bennison Farm – Bennison Farm Community Supported Agriculture. Local, seasonal, Organic veg bags for the Colchester area. Bennisons …

Farmers’ Market Celebrates 10 years

The Colchester Farmers’ Market celebrates its 10th Birthday on Friday the 5th July.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form who runs the Farmers’ Market said ‘At its peak we had 28 stalls and over 900 customers which coincided with the great interest in local food issues a few years ago. In common with the rest of the economy and other local companies …

Squirrel on the Menu

Fancy trying something a bit different this weekend then pop along to the Colchester Farmers’ Market this Friday for a Squirrel pie.

Jess Noy, 23 of East Bergholt started selling the unusual pasties and samosas at the Colchester Farmers’ market last month and they sold like hot cakes. She combines the meat with caramelised pears, apples and hazelnuts to make