Upcycling Inspiration

Moon Lake Musk Teacup Candle by Marcie CC BY 2.0

Moon Lake Musk Teacup Candle by Marcie CC BY 2.0

Another way to recycle something is to re-use it as something else, also known as up-cycling. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. Turn old clothes in to wash cloths and dusters
  2. Use pallet wood for kindling
  3. Use jars and pots for storing screws, buttons, paperclips etc.
  4. Turn wine crates into bookshelves
  5. Make a table out of scaffold boards
  6. Use old saucers and plates as plant pot bases
  7. Turn unwanted bowls and cups into planters
  8. Make pallet wood furniture
  9. Use old glass bottles for vases
  10. Use old tyres to make a potato planter
  11. Make a solar furnace out of old tin cans

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Reader Recommendations!

Get in touch with your own upcycling ideas to add to our inspirational reader recommendation list  – if you have a tip, simply leave a comment below!

  1. In the sixties I used to use tooth paste tube tops for small knobs just screw through to what ever you want a small knob for.

2 thoughts on “Upcycling Inspiration

  1. sharon

    Some great ideas here. We have used pallet to make raised beds as well as children’s play house. Plenty of inspiration on pinterest to show anyone how to.


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