12 Steps to Stop your ‘Junk’ Mail 

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Many of us receive unwanted junk mail. Astonishingly it is thought to make up to 4%
of household waste.  However, it is very easy to reduce this waste with minimum effort and at no cost by following these 12 simple steps.

1.  Register at the mailing preference society. This will remove your name from up to 95% of mailing lists used by companies who send out direct mail. The easiest way is to register online at www.mpsonline.org.ukMake sure you register everyone individually who wants to be removed in your houehold. Also don’t forget to register anyone who is deceased or no longer living at
your address to stop this unwanted mail as well.
 Mailing Preference Society, Freepost 22, London W1E 7EZ. Tel 0207 766 4410. Fax 0207 976 1886.

2.  Return junk mail unopened (write please remove from mailing list on the envelope and post back. You do not need to use a stamp for gone aways) or use the freepost envelopes inside the mailings with the request to remove you from the mailing list. Enclose original documents to enable the organisation to trace your details.

3. Return items as gone away or deceased when you receive mail for previous occupants or if the recipient has died or you will continue to receive mail.

4. Contact the sender directly – If you want to stop getting mail from a particular
sender, contact them directly. Include:

  • your full name and address
  • the date
  • this sentence: “Please stop processing my personal data for direct marketing purposes in accordance with Article 21 of the General Data Protection Regulations.”
  • a reasonable date that you want the organisation to stop sending you mail – Article 21 says they should do this within 1 month

5. Stop charity marketing mail You can contact the Fundraising Preference Service if you want to stop getting marketing mail from a charity registered in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. They’ll tell them to remove your contact details within 28 days. The best way to do this
is to register on their website. You can register over the phone if you prefer. Fundraising Preference Service – Telephone: 0300 3033 517

You’ll need to have your contact details and the charity name or registration number to hand.

You can contact the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel if you want to stop getting
marketing mail from a charity registered in Scotland. You can get more information on their website.

6. When you apply for, or buy any service such as a bank account, if you do not want to recieve mailings from the organisation, make sure you tick the mailing opt out box normally located on the bottom of the form. Or if you have ordered items on the internet make sure you opt out of paper mailings.

7.  Stop unaddresed mail and leaflets delivered by the Royal Mail by opting out
at this 
website However, if you opt out you may not receive government or local authority leaflets distributed by the Royal Mail either. 

8. Register with the ‘Your Choice’ scheme – Registering with the Direct Marketing Association’s ‘Your Choice’ scheme will help reduce the amount of unsolicited leaflets
and marketing junk mail you get.
You’ll start getting less junk mail in about 12 weeks. After 2 years you’ll need to fill in another form. Contact DMA and ask them to send you an opt out form: Direct Marketing Association, DMA House, 70 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SS. Telephone: 020 7291 3300 yourchoice@dma.org.uk

9.  To stop mailings from any company with whom you have – or have had – a
customer relationship such as your bank, credit card company, insurance company, phone supplier, for example, you will need to request them not to send you anymore marketing mailings. Do this
either by returning their mailings marked “No more marketing mailings please” or by emailing them or updating your marketing preferences online through your account. 

10.  Putting a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your letterbox can cut down on flyers, leaflets
and newspapers coming through your door.

11. Contact your electoral registration office – You can search for your local electoral registration office on GOV.UK. Ask them to take your details off the ‘open register’ – this is a list of people and addresses that can be bought and used for sending junk mail.You can choose for your details not to be added to the edited electoral register when you fill out an
electoral registration form. Tick the box that says “opt out” of the open register.

12. If you no longer want a Phone Book you can opt out of receiving one by e-mail to directory.products@bt.com or call 0800 833 400 and select option 1. The applies to the address and not the person.


To order a free “No Junk Mail” sticker, email waste.management@essex.gov.uk or call 0345 603 7625.

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