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Green Homes Wanted for 2015!

Green Homes Wanted – en-form Press Release 2nd June 2015

Have you had solar panels installed on your home, or perhaps a wood burning stove or a heat pump, in fact anything that makes your home greener and energy bills cheaper, then environment group en-form wants to hear from you.

Working with local environment groups and Councils, en-form will be holding Green Open Days on weekends throughout Essex, in September .
Andrew Wilkinson of en-form said ‘Green Open Days are like the familiar Heritage and Garden Open Days. Householders who have implemented green measures to their homes or lead a green lifestyle and would like to spread the word are invited to open their doors to the public to share their experiences.  After running a successful event last year we’re back again covering the whole of Essex! ’

Last year 20 homes opened around Colchester and we’re hoping to beat that this year. If you are interested in participating or know someone who is and your home is within Essex, please contact en-form on 01206 367776, greenopendays@en-form.org.uk or website  essex.greenopenhomes.net

New Service to Cut Energy Bills

Local Charities en-form and Signpost are working with Colchester Borough Council to reduce energy bills for local residents.

They are currently running a Government funded project to review consumers energy bills and then to offer free, impartial and unbiased advice on alternative tariffs. If you decide to switch they will even arrange this for you.

Although the service is open to anyone it is aimed at those who have never switched energy providers and don’t feel confident enough to do so.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form said ‘Savings of up to £200 are available, although the most we have saved a customer so far was £149. Apparently, almost 60% of consumers have never switched. ‘

There are many reasons why people do not switch including being unsure of the process, unable to receive impartial advice, no access to the internet or finding the process complicated. This service will arrange everything for you and then let you decide if you want to switch.

If you would like to benefit from this service or know someone who could, please telephone en-form on 01206 367776 or e-mail info@en-form.org.uk They will be visiting most local areas over the next few months.

COMMUNITY FREE-PAINT! Celebrate 20 Years of Paint Re-use with our Great Giveaway

A project that collects and re-distributes leftover and surplus paint to help brighten the lives of others is offering community groups the chance to win FREE paint as part of a competition entitled ‘Getting Colour from Every Drop’.

Community RePaint Colchester is calling on community groups from across the area to send in ideas for painting projects that will improve the wellbeing of local people or the appearance of local places. The scheme is also offering people who pop in for paint between 15 and 21 July 2013 the chance to pick up fantastic freebies in honour of Community RePaint’s 20th anniversary – with the first 10 walking away with a superb decorating kit.

To be in with a chance of winning at least 20 litres (that’s the equivalent of four BIG tins) of paint for your project, community groups should submit an idea, along with a photograph of the proposed site, and a few details about how the paint will help. Application forms and terms and conditions are available from Community RePaint Colchester. Proposals can be artistic or practical; of benefit to old or young; pretty as a picture or for simply perking up premises!

“The aim of this initiative is to demonstrate how Community RePaint can make a real difference to the lives of local people,” said Andrew Wilkinson, Manager of Community RePaint Colchester. “Community RePaint offers a simple, local solution to the problem of paint going to waste. By re-using it in our communities we can bring a splash of colour to the lives of those who need it most, and help to protect the planet by preventing perfectly good paint from ending up in landfill.”

If your community group needs paint, no matter how much or how little, get in touch with Colchester RePaint on 01206 367776 or www.repaintessex.org.uk.

‘Getting colour from every drop’

Dulux has supported Community RePaint for the last 20 years and is helping the Network to celebrate its 20th Anniversary by making two short films about paint re-use to promote the work of Community RePaint schemes. The first of the films ‘A Tale of Two Cans’ is available to view here: http://www.communityrepaint.org.uk/

“Dulux is proud to sponsor this fantastic network and is grateful for all the work each scheme does to promote the potential of paint re-use,” said Paul Murgett, Environmental Projects Co-ordinator, Akzo Nobel.

In 2012, householders, traders and paint manufacturers donated 387,495 litres of paint to Community RePaint schemes, which then distributed 218,364 litres to some 2,214 community groups and 17,296 individuals, providing 190 jobs and 1,274 volunteer and training opportunities.


For more information, please contact:

RePaint Colchester

01206 367776

www.repaintessex.org.uk repaint@btinternet.com

Community RePaint Network

0845 180 0501

07725 760 082



Notes to Editors:

1. What is Community RePaint? Community RePaint schemes collect left over or surplus paint and re-distribute it to individuals, families and communities in need, improving the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places across the UK. In doing so Community RePaint provides social, environmental and economic benefits.

2. 20 years of paint re-use: Community RePaint will celebrate its 20th anniversary during the week 15 – 21 July 2013. Activities to mark this milestone are planned for throughout the year and include competitions and giveaways at participating schemes.

3. Who runs Community RePaint? Community RePaint is managed by Resource Futures, an employee-owned, non-profit-distributing environmental consultancy based in Bristol. The Network has been sponsored by Dulux since its inception in 1993 and forms part of Akzo Nobel’s ongoing sustainability programme.

4. How to contact Community RePaint: www.communityrepaint.org.uk includes a postcode search, which can be used to locate the nearest point for finding or donating paint. Alternatively, phone: 0845 180 0501 or email: repaint@resourcefutures.co.uk

Farmers’ Market Celebrates 10 years

The Colchester Farmers’ Market celebrates its 10th Birthday on Friday the 5th July.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form who runs the Farmers’ Market said ‘At its peak we had 28 stalls and over 900 customers which coincided with the great interest in local food issues a few years ago. In common with the rest of the economy and other local companies the Farmers’ Market has not done quite so well in recent years as customers have had to tighten their belts. However there is still a wide range of locally produced food available, not only your basic fruit, veg, meat and fish but specialist and more unusual treats to try’.

There is still a lot of interest in buying quality locally produced food particularly in the wake of the Horsemeat scandal. Although our local Farmers have had a tough time recently with challenging weather conditions and many well loved local traders have had to give up recently, the Farmers’ Market has every intention of being here for another 10 years.

The Farmers’ Market will be held on Friday the 5th July at the Colchester Arts Centre from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.


A local scheme which collects unwanted paint and re-distributes it to help brighten the lives of others celebrated its birthday last month. Staff and volunteers from Community RePaint Colchester painted the town red in recognition of eight years of supporting paint reuse in Colchester.

And the party is set to continue, because 2013 is also the 20th anniversary of Community Repaint, the network of 67 projects across the UK that collect unwanted, surplus paint and re-distribute it to individuals, families and communities in need, improving the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places.

“The aim of celebrating our birthday and Community RePaint’s 20th anniversary is not only to mark these important milestones, but also to raise awareness in support of our activities,” said scheme manager Andrew Wilkinson. “RePaint Colchester is a simple, local solution to the problem of waste paint. By reusing paint in our community we can bring a splash of colour to the lives of those who need it the most, and help to protect the planet by preventing perfectly good paint from ending up in landfill. We have been so successful in collecting unwanted paint at the moment that we have plenty to give away to those on low incomes, charities, community groups and schools.”

Getting colour from every drop…

“Dulux has been committed to supporting Community RePaint for the last 20 years and recognises the fantastic work each scheme has done in brightening the lives of those in need” said Paul Murgett, Environmental Projects Co-ordinator at Dulux.

“Over the years the network has grown, meaning more people and communities across the UK can benefit from re-using unwanted or surplus paint which would otherwise go to waste. Dulux is proud to continue sponsoring this fantastic network and is grateful for all the work it does.”

If you are on a low income or benefits and need paint to re-decorate your home no matter how much or how little, or if your charity or community group could use a lick of paint, call Community RePaint Colchester to find out more on 01206 798113.

In 2012 householders, traders and paint manufacturers donated 387,495 litres of paint to Community RePaint schemes, which then distributed 218,364 litres to some 2,214 community groups and 17,296 individuals, providing 190 jobs and 1,274 volunteer and training opportunities.


For more information, please contact:

Community RePaint Network

0113 200 3959

07725 760 082



Notes to Editors:

1. Community RePaint Colchester is run by en-form the Colchester Environment Centre which operates the Colchester RePaint Scheme, the Colchester and Wivenhoe Farmers Markets, the Giveortake,org and Reuseessex.org.uk websites.

2. What is Community RePaint? Community RePaint schemes collect unwanted, surplus paint and re-distribute it to individuals, families and communities in need, improving the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places across the UK. In doing so Community RePaint provides social, environmental and economic benefits

3. 20 years of paint re-use: Community RePaint will celebrate its 20th anniversary in July 2013. Activities to mark this milestone are planned for throughout the year.

4.Who runs Community RePaint? The Network has been sponsored by Dulux since its inception in 1993 and forms part of Dulux’s ongoing sustainability programme. Community RePaint is managed by Resource Futures, an employee-owned, non-profit distributing environmental consultancy based in Bristol.

5. How to contact Community RePaint: www.communityrepaint.org.uk includes a postcode search, which can be used to locate the nearest point for donating paint. Alternatively, phone: 0113 200 3059 or email: repaint@resourcefutures.co.uk

Squirrel on the Menu

Fancy trying something a bit different this weekend then pop along to the Colchester Farmers’ Market this Friday for a Squirrel pie.

Jess Noy, 23 of East Bergholt started selling the unusual pasties and samosas at the Colchester Farmers’ market last month and they sold like hot cakes. She combines the meat with caramelised pears, apples and hazelnuts to make the snack.

She has been selling a range of unusual dishes featuring pheasant, pigeon, rabbit and now squirrel under the brand name The Gamekeepers Daughter.

Miss Noy’s father is a Gamekeeper and supplies the meats from the Estate where he works.

Jess said ” Squirrel is a really tasty meat and is proving very popular. It is an ethical meat to eat as it is free range and the meat is sourced locally so it is low in food miles. I can get six samosas or ten small pasties out of one squirrel. I like to produce things which are a bit different.

Rowly Castiglione of en-form who organises the Colchester Farmers’ Market said ” As an Environment Centre we are very glad that Jessica has decided to make use of meats that would otherwise go to waste. Not only does it use local meat but is in a way a form of Recycling” .

It is illegal to catch or kill wild grey squirrels without a license and all red squirrels are protected by law.

The Colchester Farmers’ Market is held at the Colchester Arts Centre on Friday, the 7th December from 9.30am till 1pm and will have available a whole range of Christmas Treats from local stallholders.

en-form Press Releases 2007

en-form Press Releases 2007

Free Paint Project Goes Mobile – Press Release – 31st July 2007

The paint re-use project operated by Community Repaint Colchester and Tendring Is about to launch a new mobile service in North East Essex.

Community RePaint Colchester and Tendring, now in its third year, takes unwanted paint from the public and local businesses and redistributes it free of charge to local community groups, schools and individuals in need. In general those on state benefits will qualify.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form who runs the project said “Over the past 2 years we have identified that many of the people we are trying to help are unable to make use of the service because they find it difficult to get to the Repaint Centres in Colchester and Little Clacton. We have decided to launch this new service by taking the paint to them.”

The service has already been tested in the Jaywick Area and has proved popular. This service has received funding from the Essex Rural Community Council and Defra’s Business Reuse (BREW) Scheme.

Anybody who qualifies and wants free paint or has suggestions for a mobile drop off point should contact Andrew Wilkinson on 01206 367776

Free Paint Available For Charities And Community Groups – Press Release – 6th June 2007 (issued by RePaint Centrally)

Thinking of redecorating your premises but the cost of buying brand new materials is putting you off? Have you thought about getting paint from your local Community RePaint scheme to keep the costs down?

Community RePaint Colchester and Tendring, a project run by en-form, collects “half tins” of leftover paint from householders and painters and decorators plus end-of-line tins from local DIY retailers. This paint is available free for local charitable groups, schools and voluntary organisations for redecoration projects.

Community RePaint Colchester and Tendring is part of the national Community RePaint network and has over 64 similar schemes across the UK. A brand new website has recently been launched (www.communityrepaint.org.uk) to make it easier for local communities, charities and voluntary organisations to find where their nearest scheme is.

Vicky Wren, Community RePaint Development Worker said “The new post code search facility makes it much easier to find the contact details of your local scheme. The website also contains lots more useful information including details of organisations that can help carry out your redecoration project plus general painting tips and advice.”

Last year Community RePaint Colchester and Tendring passed on 5,000 litres of paint to various projects, including scenery sets for plays, redecoration of community buildings, amateur sport centres, village halls, school murals and playgrounds. Local community and voluntary groups wanting to get paint for a similar project should telephone Andrew Wilkinson at Community RePaint Colchester and Tendring on 01206 367776 or e-mail repaint@btinternet.com. To find out more about the Community RePaint national network log onto www.communityrepaint.org.uk.

Community RePaint has been supported and sponsored by ICI Paints since the project’s inception and is also funded by the Big Lottery Fund, through the CRED Programmeii. The Community RePaint national network is managed by Resource Futuresiii a not-for-profit environment consultancy.


For further information please contact Vicky Wren at Resource Futures:

tel: 0113 200 3959

email: vicky.wren@resourcefutures.co.uk

web: www.communityrepaint.org.uk

Local Contact:

Andrew Wilkinson

Tel: 01206 367776

e-mail: repaint@btinternet.com

Notes to editor:

i ICI Paints, who make Dulux paint, has supported and sponsored Community RePaint since the project began in 1993. ICI Paints provides technical advice, conference speakers and general support as well as year-on-year financial sponsorship. This sponsorship enables long-term planning for Community RePaint and is used as match funding to attract Lottery and other grants. Community RePaint forms a central part of ICI Paints’ ongoing product stewardship programme.

ii The Community RePaint project has been awarded £196,000 over a 3 year period by the Community Recycling and Economic Development (CRED) Programme, through the Big Lottery Fund’s Transforming Waste initiative. The CRED Programme is managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) and nine consortium partners. The Programme will award £36.5 million of Big Lottery Fund money in grants of between £50,000 to £300,000 to community based recycling, reuse and composting initiatives in England before the end of 2007.

iii The Community RePaint network is managed by Resource Futures (formerly SWAP) an employee-owned, not-for-profit environmental consultancy. In 1992 SWAP conducted research into household hazardous waste through the Waste Wagon project. This identified that residents in Leeds had a large volume of surplus reusable paint stored in sheds, garages and cupboards etc and that there was a ready demand for this material from local charities, voluntary and community groups. From this research the first Community RePaint scheme was established in Leeds and subsequently a national network of schemes emerged.

Colchester RePaint Scheme Doubles in Size – Press Release – 10th April 2007

The Colchester RePaint scheme set up by en-form the Colchester Environment Centre and the Bright Ideas Scrapstore, is set to double in size after running for 2 years.

The project redistributes, free of charge, unwanted paint from the general public and local businesses to local good causes such as charities, schools and community groups and even individuals in need.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form said ”the project is becoming more popular and we needed to increase our storage space to help us cope with demand. The extra storage space will allow us to accept a wider range of paint and offer more choice to good causes”.

The project which was set up in 2005 has so far diverted 13 tonnes of paint from the waste stream and helped over 130 groups.

Anyone interested in receiving free paint or donating good quality paint no longer wanted should contact Andrew Wilkinson on 01206 367776 or check out the website www.repaintessex.org.uk.

Wivenhoe Farmers’ Market Celebrates its First Year – Press Release – 10th April 2007

Wivenhoe Farmers’ Market celebrates its first anniversary on Saturday the 21st April.

The market was set up by the local community with the help of local environment charity, en-form.

Julia King of en-form said ” we were approached by the local residents of Wivenhoe to help them set up a market in the town a year ago. Not all Farmers’ Markets succeed but the Wivenhoe market has been popular with local cstomers and stall holders alike since opening”.

The market offers a wide selection of locally produced food, with about 20 stalls selling everything from fresh meat, fish and eggs to vegetables, fruit, bread and even plants.

It is one of the few local Farmers’ Markets held on a Saturday, which makes it convenient for the many local commuters in the town.

The market is held at the William Loveless Hall in the High Street on the 3rd Saturday of the month, between 9am and 12 noon.

en-form Press Releases 2006

en-form Press Releases 2005

Colchester Christmas Farmers’ Market – Press Release – 8th December 2006

Following huge public demand, en-form, who organise the monthly Farmers’ Market at Colchester’s Art Centre, have decided to hold a special market just before Christmas, on Friday 22nd December.

Julia King of en-form said, “Colchester Farmers’ Market has gone from strength to strength over the last year and is very well supported; some people even pop back several times throughout the morning. As well as most of our normal stallholders, we shall also have a few choice craft stalls for last minute gifts, including natural handmade soaps, wicker baskets and walking sticks, made from local apple wood; 25 stalls to date!”

“ We have been asked for a real ‘Christmassy atmosphere’ so there will be live carol singers throughout the morning and customers who want to enter into the Christmas Spirit will be welcome to join in. Festive refreshments will be available, so you can sit and have a well-deserved rest.”

So, avoid that massive supermarket queue and come along and buy something local, fresh and a little bit different for your Christmas table.

This special Christmas market will be open from 9.30 – 1.00 at Colchester Arts Centre on 22nd December. For further information call Julia King on 01206 367776.

Something Fishy at the Farmers Market – Press Release – 1st November 2006

This Friday’s Farmers’ Market at the Colchester Arts Centre includes a local Fish Stall for the very first time.

Julia King of en-form said ” Ever since the last fishmonger closed in Colchester almost 3 years ago it has been difficult to buy fresh fish in Colchester. What makes it even better is the fish is caught off the Essex Coast and you won’t get more local than that. We expect this stall to be very popular with our customers”.

The market also includes a local brewer selling organic beer and wine and following a bumper crop this year local walnuts.

Colchester Farmers’ Market is on Friday 3rd November at the Arts Centre from 9.30am to 2pm. Full details can be obtained from en-form on 012206 367776.

Chance to Paint the Town Red – Press Release – 23rd August 2006

Jaywick residents will get to the chance to paint their Town red, or any other colour for that matter.

Community RePaint Tendring in association with Surestart will be running a Free Paint Day in Jaywick on the 31st August. The paint is available free of charge to local groups, charities, schools and individuals on benefits.

Mark Penn of Tendring Reuse and Employment Enterprise (TREE) who runs the scheme in Tendring said ”the RePaint scheme has been running in Tendring for over a year now with very good quality paint, much of it brand new being donated. The paint is available from TREE’s premises in Little Clacton or from the Bright Ideas Scrapstore in Colchester but we want to make the paint more accessible for local groups and individuals on benefits. This is why we will be taking the paint to the Local Community in Jaywick.”

If you are on benefits and want some free paint just turn up with proof that you are on benefits at Sydney House, Langham Drive Clacton between 10am to 11.45 or Hemmington House, Broadway, Jaywick between 12 noon and 2pm on Thursday 31st August.

Enquiries about the scheme and local groups should telephone Andrew Wilkinson on 01206 367776.

En-form the local environment centre will also be giving away 2 free energy efficient lightbulbs while stocks last to residents turning up for paint on the day.

Colchester Schools Go Green – Press Release – 7th July 2006

The green revolution is coming to Colchester schools on Monday 10th July 2006.

St Benedict’s College will be holding an Eco School Seminar, organised by Colchester Borough Council and environment charity en-form, for schools in Colchester.

The Education Secretary Alan Johnson recently announced that schools in England must become more ‘carbon neutral’ by 2020. The scheme improves pupil behaviour, saves money and links into many curriculum subjects and raises the profile of the school in the local community.

Alan Wheeler of St Benedict’s College said ‘’Eco-Schools is an international programme co-ordinated by ENCAMS in the UK designed to improve all aspects of the school environment. St Benedict’s are proud to have been chosen to host the event to launch the scheme in Colchester.’’

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form said ‘’the scheme is run by the pupils, who set up a committee to make their school more environmentally friendly within the themes of Litter, Waste Minimisation, Energy, Water, Healthy Living, School Grounds, Biodiversity and Global Perspectives’’.

Any schools that want to attend can turn up on the day. The seminar starts at 1pm until 4pm.

Please contact Andrew Wilkinson on 01206 367776

Colchester Farmers’ Market celebrates its third year – Press Release – 30th June 2006

On 7 July Colchester Farmers’ Market will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary.

From an inauspicious start we now regularly attract over 600 customers each month. Julia King of en-form said ”by listening to what our customers want we have greatly increased the diversity of products. We now have at least 25 stalls each month – the products of which vary according to the season. Our latest additions are Jimmy the Farmer and Butterfly Lodge Ice Cream”.

As a special offer this month we will be giving 2 energy efficient light bulbs to every customer who completes a simple enquiry form.

Pig out at Colchester Farmers’ Market with Jimmy’s Farm – Press Release – 26th May 2006

With this weeks’ Colchester Farmers’ Market being the first one of the summer, you have a chance to taste some truly local and special treats.

Asparagus is in season, so make the most of it before it disappears next month, and the first of the local strawberries have arrived. You must also come and try the delicious Caprilatte ice cream from Monach Farm. Made using only goats’ milk and natural ingredients with flavours as varied as Mexican Vanilla to Honeymoon Pie, flavoured with real Essex honey.

We are also pleased to welcome the well known Jimmy’s Farm, home to the Essex Pig Company of Ipswich who will be selling their wide selection of handmade, quality sausages, traditionally dry cured bacon and rare breed pork joints. Before your leave, why not treat yourself to one of their burgers.

With over 25 varied stalls, selling everything from your everyday fruit and veg to your more unique items, there is something for everyone.

The next Colchester Farmers Market will be held at the Colchester Arts Centre from 9.30am to 2pm on Friday the 2nd June.

Better Way to get rid off your Unwanted Items – Press Release – 8th May 2006

It may not seem like it, but Spring is well and truly here and the spring cleaning can’t be put off for much longer.

Just in time a new service has been launched by environment group, en-form, in partnership with Essex County Council, Essex Community Reuse and Recycling Network (ECORRN) and Chelmsford Environment Partnership.

A new website, www.giveortake.org, lets you put details of all your unwanted items on the internet and hopefully someone will take them off your hands for you. Of course, if there are things you want or need, you will be able to post your requests on the site a well.

Gemma Sortwell of ECORRN said “It’s like e-bay but free. Every year thousands of useable items are dumped in Essex that still have plenty of life left in them. On the other hand, there are lots of people that could really use some of the items that are thrown away everyday”.

The site covers the whole of Essex and lets you post and search for items by category or postcode. In addition, it has a directory of just about every community group or Charity Shop in Essex that collects items for resale or reuse.

The website was funded by a grant from the National Lottery Awards for All scheme and ECORRN’S seedcorn fund.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form said “If like me you need to do a bit of spring cleaning but can’t bear the thought of a day out trying to get things to the dump – this is ideal. I can just give away items on an individual basis and at the same time clear my clutter at a leisurely pace. As I’m a hoarder, this is a big bonus.”

If you could do with a bit of a de-clutter, why not go through your cupboards, shed or the loft this weekend and get rid of all those items you are never going to use but are just too good to be thrown away.

New Council Charges for Recycling Newspaper/Cardboard – Letter to the Evening Gazette – 22nd March 2006

We read with interest your article on the proposed Council charges for collecting paper and card from Businesses.

As an Environment Centre we are particularly concerned that while Colchester Borough Council proclaim to be amongst the best recycling boroughs in the country they are adopting a policy which is likely to not only reduce their recycling rates but also increase their costs through increased landfill charges. This is not the way one of the “cleanest and greenest “ boroughs should operate. We feel that many businesses, particularly small ones, will opt out of the scheme and dispose of their paper and card as general trade waste.

Recent evidence indicates that, far from increasing, the dry recycling rate has at best stagnated and at worst gone down in recent years. It is only the garden waste collection that has lifted the overall rate.

We accept that the Council has to cover the cost of collecting trade waste and the burden for this shouldn’t fall on the domestic council tax payer. However we do not feel it is fair or sensible to charge a flat rate regardless of the amount of waste. After all we should be ensuring that those who produce most waste pay more for disposing of it. A fairer, and more acceptable, solution for example would be to provide a different colour bag for card/paper waste which could be sold at the same rate as the green trade waste bags. This would mean that businesses would only pay for what they put out. This system would compensate the Council and hopefully have no adverse effect on the recycling rate.

Rowland Castiglione

Chairman of Trustees


Join the Dedham Vale EcoTeam! – issued by SERENE Ipswich Environment Centre – 14th February 2006

Help the environment and save money

What is an EcoTeam?

A group of people who get together to learn how to reduce their environmental impact and save money. EcoTeams of six to eight people meet once a month for 4 months. At each meeting EcoTeam members share experiences, ideas and achievements on the environmental actions that they have taken.

An EcoTeam is not just another meeting – it’s a place to translate ideas into action!

Why should I sign up?

Many of us want to live a little greener but have never found the time, or don’t quite know how to begin. EcoTeams show you how small easy changes can make a difference to your household, your community and the environment – with the help of your team members. It will only take about two hours of your time each month…and it works! Past teams have achieved great environmental savings:

Waste – 43%

Gas – 15.2%

Electricity – 8.9%

Water – 21.2%

How do I find out more?

Contact John on 01473 611453 or john.ej.welsh@btinternet.com

Or Andrew on 01206 367776 or info@en-form.org.uk

en-form Press Releases 2005

en-form Press Releases 2005

Ban the Bland – Press Release – 5th October 2005

Give your taste buds a treat at the Colchester Farmers’ Market this Friday.

With both Apple Day and British Sausage Week falling in October what better time is there to try out the different varieties of local apple, juice and specialist sausages available at the market.

And, with over 15 stalls, many offering free tastings, why not try some Hereford beef, vegetables picked only the day before or fresh local free range eggs that are cheaper than the supermarkets.

En-form the Environment Centre who organise the market will also be launching their new e-mail reminder service. As a special offer, anybody  making a purchase at the market after 12.30 will be able to buy an energy efficient lightbulb and canvas shopping bag for only 75p.

The Colchester Farmers’ Market will be held at the Colchester Arts Centre from 9.30am to 2pm this Friday the 7th October. Full details on 01206 367776.

Dulux Dog Launches Local Paint Reuse Scheme Press Release – 12th April 2005
Local charity, en-form in partnership with the Bright Ideas Scrapstore, Tendring Reuse and Employment Enterprise (TREE) and Essex County Council, is to launch an innovative paint reuse scheme, for the Colchester and Tendring Area on 21st April 2005 with a very important guest in attendance – the world-famous Dulux dog.A PHOTOCALL WITH THE DULUX DOG WILL TAKE PLACE AT 1.00 PM AT THE COLCHESTER CIVIC AMENITY SITE, MALDON ROAD, SHRUB END AND at 2.30PM AT


ON Thursday 21st April

Community Re>Paint Colchester and Tendring  is the latest project developed by en-form the Colchester Environment Centre. The Community Re>Paint scheme, which has been successfully rolled out in other parts of the UK by environmental consultants SWAP[i], will help the community to help itself by accepting unwanted, usable, surplus paint from local householders and businesses, and re-distributing it free of charge for reuse by local people (particularly those in social need), charities, voluntary groups and schools[ii].  Whilst providing a service for the local community, and helping the environment, the scheme also has the potential to provide opportunities for the unemployed to volunteer and learn practical skills, gain invaluable work experience and then transfer these skills into employment.

Andrew Wilkinson who has been responsible for the development of the project said, “This scheme is highly beneficial for both the environment and the local community, and provides another way to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. We will be able to offer safe, good quality, recycled paint at low or no cost to disadvantaged local people and community groups. The scheme has the support of Essex County and Colchester Borough Councils.”

Mark Gregory, Community Re>Paint Co-ordinator at SWAP added: “Community Re>Paint began in 1993 and has attracted funding from ICI Dulux, Biffaward[iii] and has since grown into a huge success[iv].  We are very pleased to launch our scheme run by en-form. Over 377 million litres of paint are sold each year (retail and trade), 75 million litres of which is stored, hoarded or wasted. Community Re>Paint: Colchester and Tendring will enable some of this paint to be put to good use.”

Graham Tombs, Essex County Council Head of Waste, Recycling and the Environment said: “We are always looking for ways to expand the recycling facilities we can provide at our civic amenity and recycling sites across Essex. The Community Re>Paint scheme is not only providing a new way to recycle and protect the environment, but is also putting something back into the community. If you are doing any DIY or spring cleaning remember to make sure you bring any leftover or unwanted usable paint for it to be recycled and reused by the community.”

Anyone wishing to donate paint from trade should contact Andrew Wilkinson on 01206 367776. Groups and individuals applying for paint should contact en-form on the same number.  Householders can donate their leftover paint by taking it to the civic amenity and recycling centres at Shrub End, Colchester and Rush Green, Clacton during their usual opening hours.

The project has received £71,188 from the National Lottery Funded Community Recycling and Economic Development (CRED) Programme5

For further information about Community Re>Paint Colchester please contact Andrew Wilkinson at en-form on 01206 367776, email: info@en-form.org.uk. www.repaintessex.org.uk

For further information on Community Re>Paint please contact Mark Gregory, SWAP on 0113 243 8777, fax: 0113 234 4222, e-mail: mark@swap-web.co.uk, web: www.communityrepaint.org.uk


Notes to Editor

[i] SWAP (Save Waste and Prosper Ltd) is a not-for-profit environmental consultancy that seeks environmental improvement through the sustainable management of waste. In order to do this, SWAP researches particular waste options, innovates in the development of solutions and encourages collaboration with others to work towards sustainable solutions.

[ii]Paint distributed through Community Re>Paint Colchester and Tendring will be used for a wide range of projects from painting community houses to being distributed to needy groups, families and charitable organisations who can identify others who would benefit from the paint.

[iii]In December 1997 Biffa Waste Services agreed to donate landfill tax credits to the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) to administer under the fund name Biffaward. Grants made from the fund currently amount to more than £63 million, supporting many worthwhile environmental projects.

[iv] There are presently 57 Community Re>Paint schemes throughout the UK operating in: Barnet; Belfast; Bradford; Bury; Castle Morpeth; Cardiff & The Vale; Conwy; Chester-le-Street; Christchurch; Derby; Doncaster; Ealing; East Kent; Edinburgh; Ellon (Aberdeenshire); East Essex; Falmouth (Cornwall); Fermanagh (N. Ireland); Fleetwood; Hammersmith & Fulham; Hackney; Harlow;Hemel Hempstead; Immingham (NE Lincs); Lambeth; Leeds; Leicestershire; Morecambe & Lancaster; Medway; Middlesbrough; Newbury; Newport; Newtown (Montgomeryshire); Norfolk; North Allerdale (Cumbria); Oxford; Perth; Peterborough; Redruth (Cornwall); Richmond Upon Thames; Rotherham, Sandwell & Soho (Birmingham); Sevenoaks; Sheffield; Shetland; Solihull; Southampton; Stoke-on-Trent; Sunderland; Swansea; Swansea and Gower; Swindon; Waltham Forest; Warrington and Halton; West Devon; Wrexham; and Wye (Kent).

5 The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) and nine consortium partners manage the £36.5 million CRED Programme on behalf of the Big Lottery Fund’s Transforming Waste initiative. CRED is the second multi-million pound National Lottery initiative managed by RSWT on behalf of the Fund.

New Local Food Directory Launched – Press Release – 28th March 2005
Local food issues may be firmly on the menu these days but where exactly can you buy it?In Essex, we now have a host of local producers and markets selling everything from rare breeds and varieties of meat, fruit and veg to honey, cakes and oysters – but where are they?

From this week you can pick up a free local food directory from local environment group en-form and find out.

In its 50 or so pages you will find most of the local producers, farmers’ markets, country markets and farm shops within a 30 mile radius of Colchester – 118 entries in all.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form said ” This is the second edition of the local food directory following the success of last years. The new directory has many improvements suggested by the public and is much bigger and better than the first one. TV shows such as Jamie’s School Dinners and the Sudan 1 crisis are making people think more and more about the food they eat. Customers are increasingly buying from local producers where they can ask exactly what goes into their food.”

The directory will be launched at this weeks Colchester farmers’ market on Friday 1st April from 9.30am to 2pm at the Colchester Arts Centre.

It will be available free of charge from local libraries, visitor information centres, farmers’ markets and other local information points throughout Essex and Suffolk.

The directory was primarily funded with a 2 year grant from the Seed programme which distributed National Lottery  through the New Opportunities Fund.

Although there are no current plans for future printed directories all the information it contains and many extra features will shortly be available on its own website.

All change at Farmers’ Market – Press Release – 28th February 2005
Following another successful year, the Colchester Farmers’ Market is set to expand further in 2005.  This Friday’s market has more stalls than ever before and following repeated customer requests will remain open for an extra hour and close at 2pm.Julia King , of en-form, said “ We have received many requests from customers who work in the town centre to keep the market open an hour longer. At the moment they find it difficult to get to the market in their lunch hour and harder still to pick up a bite to eat from the refreshment counter.”

The market is also proving popular with stallholders. Over the last 3 months 6 new stalls selling bread, Caribbean cakes & savouries,  beef, organic chicken, anti-pasti and specialist chilli oils have joined the market. With the welcome return of  the garden plant stalls after their winter break the market will be full to the rafters.

The next Farmers’ Market will be on Friday 4th March, from 9.30am – 2pm at  the Colchester Arts Centre, near the Mercury Theatre.


en-form Press Releases 2004

Shop for a Good Cause – Press Release – 2nd December 2004
Environment group en-form are hoping to cash in on shoppers this Christmas with the launch of an internet shopping service.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form said ‘ like any charity we are always looking to raise funds to continue our work. As an environment centre we would encourage people to buy only what they need but if you are going to buy an item anyway please do so through this website and raise money for a good cause’.

Well known retailers such as Amazon, Comet and Marks and Spencer are participating in the scheme and other charities can set up their own free web shop.

Every time a purchase is made using the online web shop a commission is paid to the charity.

The shop can be found at www.buy.at/enform or on enform’s website www.en-form.org.uk.

Raised Standards at Environment Centre – Press Release – 30th November 2004
Colchester Environment Charity en-form are celebrating after achieving Investor in People status.

Nicola Thompson of en-form said ‘all our staff and volunteers have been working hard this year to improve the environment in Essex. It’s nice to know that the importance we place on our staff and volunteers has been recognised by receiving this award’.

Investor in People is a nationally recognised standard that assesses the importance that organisations place in the people who work for them through training and development.

A Summer Splash – Press Release – 23rd July 2004
We all know the best place to be when it is hot and sunny is at the beach and we’ve added an extra dose of fun in the summer holidays with our Coastal Awareness Day. It will be held on Wednesday the 11th August  at Cudmore Grove Country Park, East Mersea between 11am and 4pm.

The event is being organised by en-form (Colchester’s Environment Centre) and the rangers at Cudmore Grove, there will be a whole range of activities on the day including wildlife walks, mud dipping and as special treat this year there will be Sea Shanty workshops run by Clarty Sough who are well known for their performances at folk music and maritime festivals across the uk and have won various music competitions.

Learn about the smuggling activities going on in Essex in the 18th Centaury and what dress was right for the occasion.

There will also be art and craft activities and information stalls on various coastal themes by the RNLI, various councils and en-form.

For just £2.00 for all day parking you and child your child can enjoy all the activities, children must be accompanied by an adult.

So come along and enjoy the surf, mud and wildlife of Cudmore Grove Country Park, for further details and times for the walks and workshops please call Dougal at Cudmore Grove on 01206 383868.

New National Standard Cycle Training Launched at Tendring Show-Press Release – 12th July 2004
The new National Standard Cycling Award, which replaces the cycling proficiency test from September, was formally launched at the Tendring Show preview on Friday (9 July) by the Deputy Leaders of Essex County Council and Colchester Borough Council.

Cllr Sarah Candy, a regular cyclist who arrived at Saturday’s Show by bike, and Cllr Robert Davidson, also a cyclist, met representatives of the twelve professionally-qualified instructors whose initial training has been partly funded by both Councils.

The training has been developed nationally by a curriculum body including the Department of Transport, the Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association, RoSPA and national cyclists’ organisations.  It enables both adults and children to ride safely and confidently on the road in today’s busy traffic conditions.  The local scheme, initiated by members of the Colchester Cycling Campaign, is believed to have trained more instructors than anywhere outside London.

The local instructors will operate under the umbrella of the en-form transport project, based in Colchester, which also promotes car-sharing, Bike Week and In Town Without My Car (www.22september.org.uk), the international car free day held annually on 22 September.  They will offer training for employers, schools, community organisations and individuals across North Essex and en-form is working with local partners to access further funding to provide access for everyone.

Pam Nelson, one of the instructors who also co-ordinates the project says: “The professionalising of cycle training is an essential part of the Government’s new Action Plan for Cycling and Walking, which aims to make cycling and walking easier, safer and more attractive.  Thanks to the foresight of local cyclists in getting qualified so quickly, we are now well prepared to deliver the training for any organisation in our area.”

Jane Gardner from Essex County Council and member of the Colchester 2020 Partnership and the Tendring Local Strategic Partnership welcomed the launch of this initiative saying, “At its recent Assembly meeting, the Colchester 2020 Partnership launched its Travel Plan Club, which could have a huge impact on traffic congestion in Colchester in the future.  We want to help people who work in our organisations re-think their travel choices, and provide them with proper alternatives to driving to work in their car on their own.  Cycling is one such alternative and the availability of this training will ensure that it is a safer and more attractive option.”

David Hewitt Project Director for Essex Rivers Healthcare NHS Trust which operates Colchester General Hospital said: “We are looking forward to offering these courses to our staff and their families later in the year. We believe the promotion of cycling has enormous health benefits for us all, as well as reducing traffic congestion, and we would encourage everybody to participate in any way that they can.”

Further details are available from Pam Nelson, project co-ordinator, en-form, 15 Church Walk, Colchester CO1 1NS, tel 01206 367776.


The adult National Standard was launched in May 2003; the new joint standard for adults and children will be launched at the CTC conference in September 2004.

Funding to train the 12 local instructors was provided by Colchester Borough Council, Tendring District Council, the University of Essex, Essex County Council, Laurel Spooner GP and Colchester Garrison.

The local instructor training was delivered by CT UK (www.cycletraining.co.uk) one of four national training providers accredited under the new National Standard.  This not-for-profit company has already been very helpful with advice in setting up the local scheme.

Launch of Clacton Farmers Market – Press Release – 30th April 2004
This month sees the launch of the Clacton Farmers Market. It will be one of the biggest Farmers’ Markets in the area and will be a weekend event.The first market will be held on Saturday the 8th May from 10am to 6pm and Sunday the 9th May from 11am to 5pm at the Clacton Factory Shopping Village.

Apart from the usual Farmers Market stalls selling a full range of seasonal local produce from meat, vegetables and fish to home baked cakes, pies and sweets the market will include a Garden and Plant Fayre – just right to stock up your garden for spring and summer.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form said ’’we tried two markets in Clacton last year which proved to be very popular with stallholders and customers alike. They were our most successful markets and we received numerous requests to make them a permanent feature’’.

The markets will be held on the second weekend of the month and will have around 20 stalls. Apart from the Farmers Market the event will include Craft and Seafood Fayres in future months.

Full details can be obtained from Andrew Wilkinson at en-form on 01206 367776.

First Colchester Farmers Market of the Year-Press Release-1st February 2004
This Friday sees the welcome return of Colchester Farmers’ Market after it’s winter break.

The market, which was re-launched in July, was so successful last year, that it will continue to be held for the next 12 months at it’s adopted home – Colchester Arts Centre.

Andrew Wilkinson, of en-form said: “ The market is now well established, with 14 regular stalls selling everything from meats, cakes and cheeses, to fresh fruit and vegetables. You can even pick up a lunch-time snack or sit down and relax with a cup of coffee.”

En-form will also be launching their local food directory at the market, which details the wide range of food that is produced and available locally. The guide has been produced in response to customer requests and is available free of charge.

The Farmers’ Market will be held at the Colchester Arts Centre this Friday, the 6th February from 9.30am to 1.30pm.

Dedham Farmers’ Market Still On – Press Release – 14th January 2004
The first Dedham Farmers’ Market of the year will be held this Friday, 16th January at the Assembly Rooms in Dedham High Street.

The market almost closed in September because the number of customers visiting the market had declined dramatically over the year.

A successful use it or lose it plea was made by the organisers en-form  and the market was saved until the end of the year. The market is still hanging on – albeit by a slender thread.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form said ” we are reviewing the market on a month by month basis at the moment. We still need to attract more customers to keep the market going in 2004”.

The market will be open from 9am to 1pm with stalls selling a wide range of local produce.