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Farmers’ Market Celebrates 10 years

The Colchester Farmers’ Market celebrates its 10th Birthday on Friday the 5th July.

Andrew Wilkinson of en-form who runs the Farmers’ Market said ‘At its peak we had 28 stalls and over 900 customers which coincided with the great interest in local food issues a few years ago. In common with the rest of the economy and other local companies the Farmers’ Market has not done quite so well in recent years as customers have had to tighten their belts. However there is still a wide range of locally produced food available, not only your basic fruit, veg, meat and fish but specialist and more unusual treats to try’.

There is still a lot of interest in buying quality locally produced food particularly in the wake of the Horsemeat scandal. Although our local Farmers have had a tough time recently with challenging weather conditions and many well loved local traders have had to give up recently, the Farmers’ Market has every intention of being here for another 10 years.

The Farmers’ Market will be held on Friday the 5th July at the Colchester Arts Centre from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Squirrel on the Menu

Fancy trying something a bit different this weekend then pop along to the Colchester Farmers’ Market this Friday for a Squirrel pie.

Jess Noy, 23 of East Bergholt started selling the unusual pasties and samosas at the Colchester Farmers’ market last month and they sold like hot cakes. She combines the meat with caramelised pears, apples and hazelnuts to make the snack.

She has been selling a range of unusual dishes featuring pheasant, pigeon, rabbit and now squirrel under the brand name The Gamekeepers Daughter.

Miss Noy’s father is a Gamekeeper and supplies the meats from the Estate where he works.

Jess said ” Squirrel is a really tasty meat and is proving very popular. It is an ethical meat to eat as it is free range and the meat is sourced locally so it is low in food miles. I can get six samosas or ten small pasties out of one squirrel. I like to produce things which are a bit different.

Rowly Castiglione of en-form who organises the Colchester Farmers’ Market said ” As an Environment Centre we are very glad that Jessica has decided to make use of meats that would otherwise go to waste. Not only does it use local meat but is in a way a form of Recycling” .

It is illegal to catch or kill wild grey squirrels without a license and all red squirrels are protected by law.

The Colchester Farmers’ Market is held at the Colchester Arts Centre on Friday, the 7th December from 9.30am till 1pm and will have available a whole range of Christmas Treats from local stallholders.