Selling at a Farmers’ Market

Becoming a stallholder at one of our farmers markets is quite straightforward, simply get in touch with your application. If you have not been a stallholder with us before, we will need to make sure that you meet the requirements of the Farmers market rules set out by and our own policies too. Please see below for more details.

                    Please direct any correspondence or enquiries relating to Farmers’ Markets to

Benefits of selling at a farmers’ market

  • Get valuable feedback about your produce
  • Low-cost entry into “selling direct”

 Trial stalls available to new stallholders where space is available!

 What sellers need to know…

  • Set up time: 8.30
  • Stall to be open: 9.30 – 12.30
  • Fee: £15 to be paid in advance *
  • Tables: Bring your own
  • Parking: Please see specific venue page
  • Cancellations: Stalls must be cancelled one month in advance. Fees will not be refunded for late cancellations
  • Insurance: Stallholders must have their own public liability insurance
  • Non-Food Stalls: Garden and craft stalls are accepted subject to space

*This fee cannot be returned if stallholder fails to notify absence one month in advance.

Do You Qualify To Sell At An en-form Farmers’ Market?

Our markets operate under Farmers’ Market rules and our own policies.The full rules for Farmers’ Markets can be found on the FARMA site at The general rules for being able to sell at a Farmers’ Market are:

  • You are either a Primary (eg beef farmer) or Secondary (eg baker) producer
  • You produce your wares within a specified radius, normally 30 miles of the market
  • In the case of processed goods, where ingredients are available that have been grown or raised locally, then these ingredients must be used in preference to others.

Farmers’ Market Rules Summary

1. Locally Produced

Only produce from a defined area shall be eligible for sale at a Farmers’ Market. The most local producer to the market will be given preference, subject to compliance with our rules, quality of produce, reliability and a position at the market being available.  En-form markets have a defined area of a 30 mile radius of Colchester (exceptions can be made for unusual products). Producers outside this range will only be considered if a position is available.

2. Primary Producer, Own Produce

All produce sold must be grown, reared or caught by the stallholder within the defined area. You may not purchase and resell another farmer’s produce. You must grow or produce the ingredients in processed foods, such as cheese, apple juice, or sausages. You must also make the cheese, juice, or sausages yourself (with one or two exceptions).

3. Secondary Producer, Own Produce

All produce sold must be brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the stallholder using ingredients of origin within the defined local area. For example you must buy eggs from a local primary producer and not from a local supermarket.

4. Alcohol

If you sell alcohol, you must be licensed to sell at Farmers’ Markets.

5. Non-Food Stalls

Where space is available, non-food stalls such as garden plants and crafts are permitted – please contact en-form for more information about booking a space.

 6. Public Liability Insurance

It is a requirement that public liability insurance is held by all stallholders. The following organisations provide low cost insurance:

  • The National Market Traders Federation, tel: 01226 749021.
  • NFU Mutual, tel: 0800 3164661

Increase your chances of getting a space!

Farmers’ Markets are a popular way for local producers to sell their goods to the public, so space is in high demand. To increase your chances of qualifying note the following:

High Standards 

We favour good practices: for example, humane treatment of animals and sustainable methods including, but not limited to, organic and biodynamic production. The fewer chemicals you use, the better. Animals should be free-range. Meat should be free of additives and hormones, and while goods don’t have to be organic, they are in high demand – any case, the fewer chemicals, the better!


The best stalls have a range of produce, rather than one crop. We also like multiple varieties of one vegetable or fruit. We encourage unusual varieties and rare breeds.

Superior Quality

We look for fruit and vegetables with superior flavour. Grow good-tasting varieties or breeds and the customers will come back again and again.

Regular Attendance 

We prefer stallholders who commit to attending every market within the season for their produce – although we do accept applications from stallholders who are able to give advanced notice of non-attendance. The stall fee will apply in the case of missed markets unless absence has been agreed. If you are a new stallholder, trial stalls may be available to allow you to test a market before committing yourself.


download the farmers market application