Farmers’ Markets

Tasty local produce at a convenient local venue

Farmers’ Markets have a diverse range of stallholders selling locally produced produce, and sometimes gardening goods and crafts. Everything on sale has been grown, raised, baked, caught, shot or made by hand by the people selling. There are strict rules for selling at a farmers market that includes guaranteeing that everything is sold is sold by the producer, and that no one is allowed to sell another farmer’s produce.

Benefits of buying from a farmers’ market

Farmers’ Market Rules mean that you can be confident of the origins of the goods and trust that the produce on sale is high quality and ethically produced.

  • Fresh food
  • Nutritious produce
  • High quality
  • Ethically produced
  • Find foods that you can’t find in supermarkets
  • Low food miles = reduced carbon footprint
  • Ask the farmer/butcher/baker anything you want directly
  • Same price or cheaper than buying from a supermarket
  • Local produce

Generally speaking, “local” means items produced within a 30-mile radius of the market, except in the case of some specialist items.  Because all items are produced by local producers many items are only available in season, so the produce available varies throughout the year.

 Eggs | Cheeses | Meats | Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables | Game | Juice | Cakes |   Salads |Preserves | Fish | Honey | Herbs | Garden Plants

Selling at a farmers’ market

Stallholders find that local Farmers’ Markets are a great way to start selling direct to the public, and a great way to get valuable feedback about their produce from real customers. To find out if you qualify as a local producer, please visit our Selling at a Farmers’ Market page.

You can find out more about the rules for selling produce at a farmers’ market simplified on our website, or the full rules from

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