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Step by step guide for running Clean Air Heroes in your school

It’s very easy!

First of all, register by entering your school’s detail on the JOIN page.

A member of our CAH team will contact you via email and will immediately be available for questions and support.

You need to carry out a very simple survey in each class (and staff) in order to find out how many of your pupils are currently walking, scooting, cycling or are being driven to school. This will form part of what is called benchmark data. The results of the surveys will allow you and the CAH team to agree on 3 targets: Bronze Heroes, Silver Heroes and Gold Heroes.

Choose for your school to run the scheme either

  • Three consecutive weeks per term  (for two terms!) or
  • Any equivalent which will amount to 15 days each term for two terms.

Clean Air Heroes is NOT a one-off. It’s an activity for those schools seriously wishing to promote culture-change in travel behaviour.

Start promoting the activity among pupils and staff: download the posters, the PowerPoint presentation and the letters to the parents (from the resources page), hold assemblies, feature Clean Air Heroes in the school’s newsletter/bulletin/website.

Download the “Heroes Chart” and print it ready for each class to use (by the teacher or class representatives).

Fill in the charts on the days/week in which the activity is run, send them to the Clean Air Team at regular intervals (depending on your choice of scheme) and …sit back and relax…the CAH team will take it from there.

As soon as the data has been collected, collated and complicated algebraic formulas processed (only kidding 😉 ) the CAH team will inform you on your progress and what needs to be done to achieve a higher target.

Targets  and corresponding amounts (to be donated by Colchester Zoo to Save the Rhino project) are set at:

Bronze Heroes : £50
Silver Heroes :  £100
Gold Heroes :    £200

(REMEMBER: each school’s targets are calculated individually and based on the initial survey data!).

If your school achieves one of the targets, our sponsor, Colchester Zoo, will pledge the corresponding amount to the African Black and White Rhinos Conservation project on your school’s behalf and you will receive a certificate of contribution.

Let’s recap:

Step 1. Register using the join form
Step 2. Download and carry out a simple survey in ALL your classes
Step 3. Choose the frequency of the scheme and agree the 3 Heroes targets with the CAH team
Step 4. Promote the activity with posters, assemblies and newsletters
Step 5. Download the Heroes Chart and print one for each class
Step 6. Fill charts at the chosen intervals (encourage pupils to smash the targets!)
Step 7. Send chart to Clean Air Heroes using email or WhatsApp
Step 8. Celebrate the school’s achievement and work towards achieving the higher target (or to reset them)
Step 9. Reach one of the targets (cumulative data at end of summer term) and your school will have generated a set amount to help the black and white rhinos of South Africa (funds provided by Colchester Zoo).

Celebrate the results and make sure your pupils know they are Clean Air Heroes!!! Why don’t you take a photo and post it on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account???