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Clean Air Heroes – activity for schools

Clean Air Heroes is a target-based activity for infant, junior and primary schools located within the Essex County Council Authority catchment (Thurrock and Southend are at present excluded).

It is free of charge – and NO,  we are not trying to raise funds! Quite the opposite actually, as our sponsor (Colchester Zoo) is providing the funds for our incentive (the Black and White Rhinos conservation project).

It is hosted by en-form (registered charity) with the patronage of Essex County Council.

It’s designed to encourage pupils, parents and staff to walk, scoot or cycle to school with a view to reduce traffic, pollution and create a healthier environment for all.

Clean Air Heroes is NOT a competition as such: participating schools do NOT compete against each other but work towards achieving targets. CAH moves away from the same-old “best of all” and is designed to allow schools with different catchment circumstances to work towards their own targets, with a view to improve in the name of cleaner air, and by doing so, contributing (without spending a penny) to protect the African rhino thanks to the generous pledges of a local sponsor, Colchester Zoo.

At the end of the activity, in fact, the collected data is matched to the 3 Heroes targets each of these representing 3 levels of  monetary pledges by the sponsor. At the end of the scholastic year, the monetary amount is donated by our sponsor to the protection of the black and the white rhinos of Southern Africa, via Action for the Wild.

In short, the more pupils walk, scoot and cycle to school, the higher the amount given by Colchester Zoo to save the rhino on your school’s behalf. 

Register today and help us work together to reduce pollution and save the rhino.

Clean Air Heroes is a project hosted by en-form, a registered charity (no. 1083216) and a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales (no. 3881968)

In partnership with Essex County Council