Could you save up to £300 a year on your water bill?

Colchester residents are being urged to check their loos for leaks and save themselves up to £300 a year on their water bills.

Research carried out by water companies estimate that up to 8% of toilets are leaking, wasting up to 400 million litres of water every day.

Environment group en-form are trying to find out the scale of the problem in Colchester.

It mainly affects dual flush toilets that are 5 to 15 years old. With the number of new homes built during this period and the fact that this region is the driest part of the country, leaky loos are a big problem in Colchester.

To help solve the problem residents are being urged to complete a very simple survey at with a chance to win £100 and maybe get your toilet fixed.   

Grace Darke, of en-form said ‘water usage is a very unappreciated resource, but we are at serious risk of running out of water at the rate we are using it. The average person in the UK has almost doubled the amount of water we use daily since the 1960’s. Leaking toilets waste large amounts of expensively produced water. We are literally flushing clean unused water down the pan. We can all help to save water, and fixing a leaky toilet is one of the easiest and most effective ways.’

By completing our leaky loo survey, you will be helping Colchester and its residents to reduce water use significantly whilst saving millions of pounds per year and helping to ensure water supplies for future generations.

Further information and videos on how to spot a leaky loo can be found at:

All survey entries must be submitted by midnight on Friday 9th April 2021. The lucky winner will be drawn at random on Monday 12th April 2021. All entrants must be residents of Colchester.

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